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Does Anyone Review wads?

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BoldEnglishman said:
OK I meant the /idgames archive, shoulda been more specific.

Then you named it correctly, although it was confusing, as you said "written/released/done/whatever". The archive has been around since the beginning (shortly after DOOM was released). It stated on an university's FTP, then moved to the now defunct CDROM.COM, and eventually to where it is now. The chronicles started as an indepth review of select uploads, but was later revived as a general overview of the monthly uploads. The database is relatively new, started during the early 00s (I don't personally remember what year).

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JohnnyRancid said:


We really could use someone who can dedicate a lot of time, and can do half-decent reviews... it wouldn't be a bad idea to put this guy in charge... calling bloodshedder

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Janitor said:

and giving everything an bad review doesnt?

Csg is on the money. I'm honest and will openly admit to not even playing through a WAD because I didn't like it at all.

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Sorry for being a bit late. But you find reviews on my homepage. However, I don't write a review on demand. Just submit you work into the archives and some time in the near or far future, I'll play it. :-)

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I'm kinda glad you ressurrected this thread, as I didn't know my last post got any reply. What exactly do I do to make my review official? Should I just review a bunch of new wads and email it to someone? PM someone? How do I get there?

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