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New music in WAD file!

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I'm making a level for HeXen in DooM Builder as a side-project, right, tho I'm clueless as to how to get a MIDI file from Heretic into the first level instead of what already plays!!!! There's gotta be a really simple way. XWE maybe? Or can DooM Builder do it, even?

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With XWE: Open HERETIC.WAD, select the music lump and copy it to clipboard. Then open your map and click paste. Do any renaming required and you've finished.

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i had a look into this, not being overly familiar with Hexen and the renaming part was what threw me. the MAPINFO doesn't give any indication of what the track names for each map are...

ah... ok, i opened it up with Wintex which tells you which MUS is for which Doom2 map when you highlight it. i was curious if it'd do the same for Hexen. it doesn't but points you to the SNDINFO lump which contains the info.

so yeah, if you're making a MAP01 then you should be renaming your chosen tune to WINNOWR. or if you've gone as far as playing with XWE then why not discover the joys of making your own MAPINFO? :>

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