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EE Progress: Player classes functional

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Just an update to announce that player classes are now functional, and that a class has been defined for the Heretic player. This means he now makes his proper sounds and displays the proper frameset. Features added to support him also include an optional wimpy death sound for player skins, and a PlayerSkull codepointer which implements the flying skull that spawns when the Heretic player gets gibbed (the player's view is detached from his body and attached to the skull when this happens).

http://doomworld.com/eternity/engine/screenshots/skullfly.png - Whee!

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Fine, but what about a fun mode which allows Doom players to choose the heretic, or Heretic players to choose the marine?

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Umm, that will be possible, eventually. Right now the player class is constant at runtime because I've not added a way to change it, and thus you currently are always assigned the gamemode's default class (DoomMarine for Doom, Corvus for Heretic).

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