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Shadow Dweller

Script execution

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not sure how many times this has been asked, if at all, so i'll make this brief. once you compile your script how do get it to execute when playing the game? i'm trying to add hudmessages to my new map, how do it get them to appear at the proper time?

i believe there is a linedef action that is supposed to execute a script when the player does something (walk over, presses "use", etc). can someone tell me how this works?

i have a feeling the answer is right in front of my face, but i guess it's worth a shot posting here...

this is a GZDoom map, by the way...

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There is also the OPEN script, which is executed when the player enters the map. In other words, this type of script does not require any particular action on the part of the player (except for entering the map, of course).

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ok, thanks guys.

this may be kind of a dumb question. is it possible to write a script that allows the player to inflict more damage on a monster if the monster has not been alerted yet? kind of like in Oblivion.

can that be done or am i just wishfully thinking?

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