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Can I get feedback on my DM wad?

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The topic says it all.
It's a DM wad I'm working on called Hierarchy. The map looks like ass so far, as I haven't gotten around to detailing it yet, but I'm pretty satisfied with the weapons balance.
What I'm trying to do with this map is more or less create a food chain with the weapons. Each weapon has a specific spot on the map where the player can wreak havoc on his opponents, but is also vulnerable to another spot (i.e. a player in the grenade launcher bunker can send a hail storm of grenades down on unsuspecting players in the open, or direct his/her fire towards the player in the minigun nest, but at the same time can easily be taken out by a rocket launcher.)

Anyway, just play it and tell me how I can improve it.http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EE0STTNW

Its for Skulltag

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The room with the grenade launcher only has 1 way to go out and go in… I would at least create 2 different ways, so that the players can run away from each other. Furthermore there need to be more light sources like torches or candles. Other than that nice 1v1 map!

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zap610 said:


Yeah, it is pretty cramped. It's not really meant for a shitload of people though, 2-4 players max. But I'll see what I can do about the map size.

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