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Wolfenstein s.s

flat levels boring!

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I can't help you with that, but Wolfenstein levels don't use stairs or pits. Try making some of those, instead.

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First learn how to setup sector heights, without that, you cannot make even a halfway decent doom level.

(You should have read the guide on getting started with DB, but I am feeling nice today)

Hit the S key to go into Sector mode, then rightclick on the sector you want to edit. The height values are in the lower-left of the pop-up window.

Once you've gotten comfortable with varying sector heights, just draw out a sequence of rectangles and sequentially set the height higher for steps.

For pits...thats easy, just lower the floor height drastically.

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Stop asking the same questions multiple times. Next one will just be deleted or helled.

Start reading the advice people give, especially when they point you towards tutorials and manuals. Once you have actually tried what is described, and if you still have problems with something, then feel free to ask some more specific questions. People here are very helpful when you have a specific problem that needs a specific solution.

Please note the following too, in case you haven't already found them.



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