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Risen 3d Config

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Can't seem to set it up right. Which exe should I point it to, which iwad should I use, and what parameters? thanks

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If eveything is installed correctly it is just a matter of File - New Map - Map Options\Configuration - Risen3D


File - Open Map - Select the wad - Select map From X.wad - Configuration - scroll down and select Risen3D.

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The IWAD to choose depends on what you are editing for and what the Risen3D config is made for (I honestly don't know from the top of my head heh). It is probably supposed to be Doom2.wad, might also be Doom.wad. I don't know about the parameters, but I would guess the same as for vanilla Doom would work?

Just give this a try;

-iwad %D -file "%A" "%F" -warp MAP%M -skill 3

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