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constantly resurrecting w hidden archvile

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I see this done all the time (like plutonia map 15 and 10 I think) where there is, say, some chaingunners and an arch vile hidden down below them, or behind an impassible wall or something. Every time you kill a chaingunner, it gets resurrected. To see what I mean to go map 15 in plutonia and go down the first hallway. Kill the chaingunners on the sides and they should resurrect from the arch vile hidden in an adjacent sector below and behind them.

Well I'm trying to mimic that (with doombuilder and zdoom) and it doesn't work. Basically I have a row of chaingunners in a sector, and a row of arch viles in a sector behind them, 80 grid units lower. They don't seem to resurrect the chaingunners in the sector directly adjacent like in plutonia (It seems they only resurrect the dead in their own sector). Even when I make the arch and chaingunner sectors the same height (and just make the line between them impassible) they don't resurrect.

(the row of chaingunners and the row of arch viles are really narrow too in case they have to be really close but still doesn't work. Maybe plutonia has extra code permitting that to work?)

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Hmm... I think nevermind.

It seems they resurrect if you give them a little more space to move around for some reason; they don't do it if they're too tightly confined I guess. It also helps to design it so the blowback of the chaingunner bodies tends to position them close to the arch vile sector.

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