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Naked Snake

Odamex Owns October

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There's something new brewing in Odamex's cauldron this October. The Odamex team has announced their first official contest. The mapping contest aims to complete a multiplayer WAD to played at the MAGFest gaming festival in January. The website has listed the contest dates, so pay attention to your calendar:

Contest Dates:
Mapping Period (Oct. 8, 2007 - Oct. 26, 2007)
Judging Process (Oct 27, 2007 - Nov 1, 2007)
Results/Release Party (Friday, Nov 2, 2007, 8PM EST)

The contest requirements and prizes are, obviously, listed on the Odamex website, so head on over.

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Ajapted said:

That's a neat way to get more testers for their 0.2 Alpha release :-)

Make that 0.3 very soon...hopefully. SVN at this point is light years ahead of the latest stable, the team has done a remarkable job of fixing a lot of niggling problems and inconsistancies.

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Bingbing said:

Interesting. So an vanilla doom 2 map will do the trick here...

Boom, actually.

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I'll try to get something done for this. Odamex is a nice port that deserves some more attention.

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No kidding; I wasn't aware of it until now (thanks again Alex Max), but I'm more impressed with it than I've been with any DOOM source port in years.

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