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I'm wanting to start custom scripting in Doom II. (I generally use Doombuilder with ZDoom - Doom II in Hexen, FYI)

Problem is where to start. I did a couple Google abouts, couldn't find anything substantial or useful at all, so here I am with my pointless requests again :)

So yeah. Can anyone give me any pointers on what is possible with scripting; ie., Applying several linedef actions to one line, using switches to change sector properties at once (Lighting, damage, etc.)

Not too bothered about decorate right now, but any help with linedef based scipting would be appreciated.

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the janitor will always write scripts for those in need (PM me)

or give some helpful tips

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Im just gonna loiter around the Zdoom wiki's guides for a while.

Janitor, mind if I hassle you if I have any problems with scipting?

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