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Final Doom: Go 2 It SpeedLap7 Insanity Challenge!

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Okay, first off, hi, first post here (I think, it's been awhile). Second,

This is a speedrun challenge that I've been working on for about a week now. I call it: Final Doom: Go 2 It SpeedLap7 Insanity Challenge. Why? Because it is a Speedrun Challenge, on the Final Doom map "Go 2 It" (level 32). It involves 7 laps around the arena, 3 counter-clockwise, 3 clockwise and 1 in both directions.

-Respawn Monsters
-Fast Monsters

These make up the "Insanity". Speedy monsters that come back after a few seconds makes for a very interesting run, and quite fun to boot.

-God Mode (Unless you want to die)

You must get all three keys, in counter-clockwise laps, then once the blue key is obtained and that lap is completed, go in clockwise laps and unlock the doors one at a time. The challenge of this is to do it in the shortest amount of time, while an infinite number of monsters comes at you from all sides. Each lap is a different route through the virutal asylum, with the final lap being the longest lap, a trip through almost all of the map.

First lap
Second lap
Third lap
Fourth lap
Fifth lap
Sixth lap
Final lap

-The door leading to the Pinky Room MUST BE OPENED before Lap 6. Laps 2 and 4 give you ample oppurtunities to open the door beforehand, saving you a buttload of time.
-You can take two separate routes on Laps 1 and 3. Whichever one you think is faster is your choice.

I should have a demo run up pretty soon, I just got the demo fix for Doom95. What do you guys think so far about this?

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Looks very interesting and really insane! But how could I record demo using GodMode? That makes no sense for me.

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Gusta said:

Looks very interesting and really insane! But how could I record demo using GodMode? That makes no sense for me.

I Do Devious Quick Deaths. I would use it because of the sheer number of monsters coming at you. I tried to train on the map a fewhours ago, and got stuck in the Pinky room because of the Arch-viles nonstop attacks. Another time the Pain Elemetals completely blocked one way and a buttload of monsters blocked the other. God Mode isn't needed if you are like, THE Doom God, but for everyone else...

I made the challenge a challenge of time, regardless of health. If you can beat this thing without God Mode, more power to ya. To me, it's impossible to beat this chalenge without it. If anyone can prove me wrong, PLEASE do. I would LOVE to be proven wrong. :D

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Sorry for the double-post, can't add any runs via Edit mode.

This specific run shows me attempting the 1st lap without God Mode. Only got about half-way.

Here's a Rapidshare link.

Also, updated the file with a small text file.

P.S. Crap, didn't see the part about the attachment appoval thing. SO sorry ><;;;

EDIT: Okay, now I know why God Mode is never in demo runs. x3

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