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Jetsons DM Pack 5: Who's in space?

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Jetsons DM Pack 5, also known as SPACEDM5.WAD, is a Skulltag WAD created by the [Jetsons] clan, with a focus on fun, unusual multiplayer levels. Many of the levels are floating in space, but not all of them. It features many excellent maps by Esselfortium, Zap610, Tango, deathz0r, RottKing, and Killingblair.

The current maplist is:
MAP00 - Space Lounge! 8] - Chillout Lounge/Rave/Space Treadmill - Esselfortium/Killingblair
MAP01 - Jetsons Space Club 7 - Deathmatch - Esselfortium
MAP02 - Space City Rooftop CTF - CTF - Zap610/Esselfortium
MAP03 - Jane Stop This Crazy Thing! CTF - CTF - Esselfortium
MAP04 - Eep! Opp! Ork! Ah-Ah! - Deathmatch - Esselfortium
MAP05 - Planet Xerox - Deathmatch - Esselfortium
MAP06 - Jetsons Go to Skiing Planet Zorgon - Deathmatch/Ski Slope - Esselfortium
MAP07 - The Spiffchasm! CTF - CTF/Tightrope Walking - Tango
MAP08 - Mr. Spacely's Sprocket Surprise! - Deathmatch - Zap610
MAP09 - Journey to the Center of Uranus - CTF - Zap610
MAP10 - Papa Loves Mambo - CTF - Esselfortium
MAP11 - The Boston UAC Tea Party - Deathmatch/Scuba Diving - Esselfortium
MAP12 - Exterior of Sandy Petersen's House - Deathmatch - Esselfortium
MAP13 - U-571 - Teamgame: SUBMARINES - Esselfortium/Killingblair (still unfinished, sadly)
MAP14 - Moon Shoes - Deathmatch - Esselfortium
MAP15 - Asteroid Excursion 23 - Deathmatch - Esselfortium
MAP16 - 25 Miles From The Outskirts of Space-Dallas - Deathmatch/Shopping Spree - Esselfortium
MAP17 - Minor Turbulence on the Spacebus - Deathmatch/Puke-O-Whirl - deathz0r
MAP18 - Hueg Blue - Deathmatch/Racetrack - RottKing
MAP19 - Race Bannon's Space Cannon - CTF/Circus Cannons - deathz0r
MAP?? - Maya Papaya - Deathmatch/Historical Landmarks - Tango/Esselfortium (still not finished!)

How many more maps will be made before this is finished?
We have no idea! Probably at least 32, but we're not really shooting for any specific number. We'll just keep going until we're bored and out of ideas.

Will map13, map18, and the other crazy planned stuff ever be finished?
We sure hope so! We've got a lot of other awesome ideas that we hope to make someday, as well.

Map04 sucks!
Yes it does! It'll be replaced or revamped someday.

Where are the screenshots?!
Screenshots of most of the finished maps can be found here: http://rednexus.net/jetsons/spacedm5.html

Why are you guys so awesome?!

Where can we download this thing?
Right here! http://www.rednexus.net/jetsons/SPACEDM5.zip Keep in mind it's a work-in-progress. Map13 and some other unfinished stuff isn't in it. Map04 sucks. Map00 is going to be expanded quite a bit.

Please direct all questions, comments, and mindless praise to this thread. Jetsons in space! :)

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Yeah, I seen you guys advertising on Skulltag forums! Sounds cool, I have been taking a few extra hours to play on Skulltag recently so I do not get rusty kicking people's ass's! Your wad sounds really cool, I'll check ST to see any updates you have!

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This is perhaps the single greatest thing that I have ever had the pleasure of playing. My hat is off to you, gentlemen. You guys are the real space heroes! :)

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killingblair said:

Jetsons in space!

(I will finish submarines someday essel. Someday. :()

Just think: the sooner we finish submarines, the sooner we can get started on SPACESHIPS! ;D

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esselfortium said:

MAP05 - Planet Xerox - Deathmatch - Esselfortium

PLEASE tell me this an obscure Radiohead reference :D

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I just tried those two new maps for the first time (along with the space bus) and they are pretty cool. I assure you, I am not biased towards the fact that Jetsons are in space.

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Hey that all looks pretty good. Hopefully I will get a chance to play these with a buddy of mine. Oh, and +1 for space walmart.

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