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I just built a new PC, Core 2 duo blah blah....

So, I set everything up and turn on the power. It shows the motherboard startup screen and says to press either delete for BIOS setup or tab for a power test....

Problem is, the keyboard is not working. It is not receiving input. I tried both USB and PS/2 keyboards but nothing. I can't get past the mobo screen. Any suggestions?

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I'm assuming the keyboards work on other PCS? Is the BIOS displaying an error about the keyboard?

USB Keyboard support is likely turned off in the BIOS - you would need a working keyboard to fix that thou O_o

On either of the KBs, do the numlock/capslock lights turn on when you press the buttons? If not, I would think there is something wrong with the board...

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Yeah, that's the problem. The keyboard itself is working fine, but the caps, num, and scroll locks do not light up. Mobo problem right?

Fuck....it was a bitch putting that thing together. Fucking MSI....now I have to RMA that shit.

Sorry, I'm cussing so much. Just pissed right now.

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I've seen some hi-end keyboards have weird jumpers on their back enabling/disabling PS/2 inputs. Maybe you want to check for that, too.

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