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Need help with camera for Zdoom Doom in Hexen.

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Is there ANY way at all to make it to where you can't just walk to reset the camera?

I mean. I havee this thing set up to where you walk acrossed a line and a flash back apears.

But if a player just runs through the hallway the camera interplots and exits in a flash.

Is there ANY way at all to make it to where USE must be pressed to exit the camera mode?

Thanks in advance :)

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Set player property

You want to make it so when the player passes the linedef it stops the player from moving until control is given back to them.
such as if you want it to happen you would want

SetPlayerProperty (1,1,4);

the first 1 states that it affect all players. The second 1 tells it whether to activate the property or deactivate it. The 4 states the property where the player can not move when this script is activated.

to turn it off, at the end or the point where you want the player to gain control again, simply use the same code but this time use

SetPlayerProperty (1,0,4);

the second 1 is now a 0 meaning it is now deactivated.

Read more about it and all the properies you can use with the link at the top of my post.

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