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Does Doom builder 1.68 have problems with Doom 64 TC?

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http://numerometria.com/Doom/d64custm.htm says:

Editing Absolution maps:

As far as I know, the only map editors that can be used with Doom64TC are Doom Builder and DeePsea. Configuration files for both of these editors are included with the Absolution download package.

The .cfg file for Doombuilder is outdated, however, and will not work with the current version (1.66). Fortunately, Nuxius has also re-constructed this file so it works properly, and allowed me to make it available here:

Doom64 builder (6KB)

*Another note:
Doom Builder will still display an error message that required textures and flats cannot be found. The program will still work fine though, so just ignore this error.

EDIT: Can anybody tell my where to get version 1.66 of Doom builder?

The thing is that i am running Doom builder 1.68

And even though i can map for the game, the lightning for the maps doesn't work correctly in-game. Does the doom builder config file only work correctly in Doom builder 1.66? this is also the case with my labtop.

Here is a screen of what i mean: http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=absolution2007101823005sy1.jpg

Has anybody else seen this before? I really need to fix this! :(

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I'd like to edit Doom 64 TC levels as well, although, I think it would be much more useful if someone reconstructed the .cfg file to be compatible with the latest Doom Builder.

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