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Heretic style music

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I'm trying to get some heretic style midi's. I'm loaded with metal music and junk like that. I need music with a different atmosphere. I need heavy drums, bass, acoustic guitars, piano maybe, harpsichords, and LOTS of choir aahs. I'm currently using peices ripped from Evilution.

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Yeah I'm searching for music similar to Heretic music. Everything in Hexen is so mellow and repetitive. I dont have Hexen 2, do you think you could give me a link to a music gallery?

I've got a fetish for music replacements, and I'm making a new Heretic episode and I don't want to use the original music.

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I'm thinking of ripping some music from Gothic DM. It's a weird style but hopefully It will fit with Heretic. Any other suggestions for music resources?

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