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Nick Perrin

MoUAC: Exigency requires YOUR logo-making talent!

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Hey all.
I've been doing tons of work on the first Marines of UAC episode, Exigency, lately.

I need a logo, and I know there are people here who could do a much better job than I can on it.

Check out freewebs.com/mouac for an idea of the project (the "Media" page is a good one to check out). I only require a logo of the words "Marines of UAC", the episode titles underneath will just be doom text added by myself.

I'm thinking a mix of Military and Tech themes, to fit with the style and feel of the mod. EDIT: It can be in PNG format, you can even send me a PSD file to work with (in fact that would be great!). The only requirements are that it is large so it can be scaled down in-game to achieve hi-res, and that it sits over a transparent background.

If you'd like to help out please let me know! You will be credited very clearly in the comprehensive text file and the game credits that roll at the end! Plus every episode I release will bear your beautiful logo...


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just sent you a logo I made from scratch.

This better not be a sneaky way to get some attention for your project :-)

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t.v. said:

just sent you a logo I made from scratch.

Thank you! It looks really cool, great concept with the dog tag. I forgot to say something though - it can and SHOULD be extra-large (I can scale it down in-game to look nice and hi-res) and it can be in PNG format, meaning you can use all sorts of cool effects! You can even send me a PSD file!

So t.v. if you want to make an updated version that's even better because you won't have the limitations of bitmap, feel free to do that. EDGE supports hi-res PNG images. Go all-out.

NOTE: I cannot give the final word on any logos until about a week from now. There are others who are currently working on an entry and there might be others who would like to, so I'll give it a week or two before I decide on one. Ultimately, I could even use more than one in the final release. Don't forget there are several episodes of this mod - the logo could change from ep to ep.

t.v. said:

This better not be a sneaky way to get some attention for your project :-)

Haha don't worry, it's not.... but is it working?? :D

EDIT: Updated the MoUAC website. Your logo and any others will be prominently displayed on the website even if I do not end up using them!

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