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Tattered Ages Concept Peices

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Good evening everyone.

As some of you may or may not know, I'm helping develop a large scale RPG based within the GZDOOM engine. It's been in development on and off for a long while now but it's coming along quite nicely as of late which lead me to decide that putting this up might be a good idea.

I know there's quite a few talented people in the community and I hope one of them might take the time to read this and drop us a line. We're really looking for concept artists for environment and characters as well as items.


What is Tattered Ages?
Tattered Ages (TA) is a computer based RPG (CRPG) set in a dark and oppressive, cyberpunk setting in which the player character (Kuriopen) has been imprisoned on an off world mining facility on Phobos.

She and others like her are a special race of humanoids called Kattah. Early in the 21st century the Kattah were subjugated by a cloak and dagger organization called The Order of The Earth Purifiers. The remaining living Kattah that were capable of labor were shipped off to a corporate mining operation that uses criminal labor to extract ore from the planet core.

It becomes apparent to the PC that there is a movement back on Earth to free the Kattah. A new resistance movement is hiding in the shadows, attempting to build it's ranks and overthrow the Order's operations on Earth and afar. However she isn't the only one that knows it.

In a race against time, 'Rio' must find people she can trust, try to make contact with the resistance and above all get off the planet. When there's nowhere to turn and no one to trust, could the impossible really be accomplished?

What's in this .zip?
This is a small concept piece I developed over the past couple days while I was writing the appropriate part of the story document. The area is an old, built over mining train route which now serves as a dumping ground for uncooperative inmates and those who have been mentally broken beyond repair. I've given it the working title of 'hell'.

Hell is a place of great suffering and poverty where inhabitants try to eek out an existence in a diseased and burned out hulk of the colony. Fighting is fairly common and gangs are constantly fighting for control of important resources such as 'construction materials' and 'scrap' (food made from specially bred rats and run-off from the food recyclers).

The 2 maps in this zip showcase a couple of possible places the player might find themselves. These are by no means final product; merely a taste of what COULD be done as far as developing a theme goes. The game itself will make use of 3d models and such to get detail in easier and with better quality so the huts that are in here are just to illustrate the point.

NOTE: You will need GZDOOM to run this wad. It will _not_ work with skulltag. You can get it at: http://grafzahl.drdteam.org/

I highly encourage anyone interested in developing a CRPG to send us an email at TatteredAgesDev-at-gmail*com We have a few positions open, mostly artists at this point but we will be expanding as soon as we get our design doc fully in place. So if you're interested in getting your name in our resource pool please email us and we can set up an interview.

Get the ZIP here: http://rapidshare.com/files/64991281/TAConcept01.zip.html
Thanks for looking and take care :)

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Argh, sorry about that. I forgot my URL was contracted.

Thank you _very_ much for your interest T.V. Your character art is awesome. I love the ceiling monster too, that was really cool. Do you have MSN, AIM, ICQ or some other IM program? I'd love to talk with you.

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I prefer contact via e-mail (adress in my profile).

I have some question regarding the project myself. I'll e-mail them to you...

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Looks interesting. Can I ask why, if the project is intended for GZDoom, you have forced your graphics into the Doom palette (making some of them look quite bad) when GZDoom can show graphics in their own palette? (Although it does look as if quite a few of them have been re-used from existing Doom projects.)

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T.V. No problem, I eagerly await your email :)

Enjay: Thanks. The graphics you see here are merely placeholders. Ultimately we'll be using our own resources but to get the first stage of concept work done (without an envrionment artist) I resorted to using what I could find around the internet.
These maps are by no means a final product. They're just being used to set the general theme and illustrate some ideas I had floating around to the rest of our team. Although the actual production maps themselves will be more detailed (and better lit!) I was just saying 'hey this is what I'm thinking'.

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Fair enough. Well, I certainly like the feel of these little example areas. They are believable representations of places that could exist and which look functional.

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