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Help with H2H Xmas Doom

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Hi there! I used to play a wad called H2H Xmas doom wad when it first came out religiously (I dunno, I'm a geek, but I loved it.) It kinda became a holiday tradition that around christmas time, I would install it on my computer. But, now I have a slight problem. I purchased a new computer (pentium 4, 1.4 ghz) running with Windows ME.

I recently purchased Id Software's new Doom package that is compatible with Windows ME. Do you guys think H2H Xmas Doom will install properly on my computer without causing any problems? I think I remember having a problem when I did an autoexe.bat override on a previous system, but then again that was years ago, and I may be mistaken; i just remember something caused a fudge-up in my computer, thus making me have to do a reformat.

Any insight you can give me would be much appreciated!


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