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New Skulltag DM Map (feedback as strongly accepted!)

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Hello to all!

This a death match level for skulltag, and is untitled "Daimon Dojo".

If you remember the movie "Matrix", there's a part in the where Neo and Morpheus fighting into a sort of little martial arts gym (dojo), well i'll tried to remake a similar place but this time you'll use the doom\skulltag stuff over the bare hand figthing (altought it will be cool ^_^)...

BTW here we are the download link:


feedback as strongly appreciated, since dm isn't my first mapping priority(heh).

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Height variations, walls and junk to hide behind would have been nice. The huge open area isn't. Open areas are pretty good, such as the one in Training Center, but this one is HUGE. You gotta stay away from that.

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