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How can I kick a player on my personal servers (Zdaemon)

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I'm having problems with three players that join my servers, insult and then leave, other times they keep specting, or send me crap in the chat. I contacted moderators but I couldn't get a response ("away", or just no response).
In the servers I tried with "/kick" command, but it ask for a player number. I tried to fill this field but it always says that there's no player with that number. The numbers I used are the number of the player starting from the first player listed on the server (me) to the bottom. In example

other player

To kick TARGET I try this "/kick 3 reason"

I'd like to get some help on this, how to kick a player, and if possible how to ban his IP from my servers (as they use other nick sometimes, including a new account using the tag of my clan, but they always say the same crap). And how could I report this to Raider (I can't connect to the Zdaemon forums, and I don't have his email address).

Sorry for the long post.

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The ZDaemon online documentation (see "kick" under Command List here) suggests that the player numbers start from 0. In that case, the third player on the list would be number 2, not number 3. You could also use "playerinfo" to verify the correct player number.

EDIT: "addban" is probably the command to use to ban an IP from your server. Again, read the online docs.

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Thanks this is very helpful. I'm reading the documents but I can't find a command to get the ip address of the player. Any way to do this?

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In the server console, you can type /players to see the player number, ip address, etc. Or from the client console with rcon, rcon players (or just type players for the player number).

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