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MBR compability

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I'm sure he means MBF.

The answer is yes. In prboom-plus, put -complevel 11 in the command line. In Eternity, just make sure individual compatibility options are not disabling any MBF features.

For demo playback, there is no need to put anything in the command line, as the demo will be automatically detected as MBF format, and played back accordingly.

In terms of prboom's demo compatibility with MBF, note that the claim in old prboom documentation, that all MBF demos should work, is not true (most work, but it isn't perfect). There have been some improvements recently in prboom-plus, but still a vexing issue or two remains.

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Thank you Grazza.
Quasar, I think artica4 was a give away considering those two bugs in demo playback.

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No of course not, I could have read the title ten times and still being convinced that I wrote MBF.
Artica4from 1999 is an interesting map, it replaces the bfg with a demonlauncher. That weapon launches mini demons who'll defend you. There are also mini demons who attack you. Both are 3 times as fast as normal.
Edit: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-speed-demos/31839-using-prboom-plus-and-complevels/

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