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Stealthy Ivan

Roots re-done!

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I am re-making my Roots choose your own adventure map in Skulltag doom in hexen format. Here are some screens so far!!!

This will now take a lot longer to be released but, it will be soo much better! (Heh, if you like ports...) I plan on having this done by the new year, If you like DooM, give it a chance! ;)

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Here are some screens of the revised version, this is only a few hours work...

Like I said, if you like DooM and can wait for something cool, then I think you will enjoy! :) BTW these screens are from the secret 4th path! :P

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That looks nice I like the green fog nukage is cooool :p yeah me likey doom very much.

The idea is interesting it should give the map more replay value, if you can get everything spot on like gameplay, map design then I think you have something very cool.

How many paths can you take?

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