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Maps By Bob Evans - Seen Any?

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After playing Odessa14 the other day I read in the text file that there are about 15 maps in the Odessa set.

A google search comes up with only the 14th map.

Does anyone know where there are ANY other maps by Bob?
Great old school stuff.

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John Smith said:

AFAIK Evans never publicly released the first 13 Odessa maps.

Sure he released them. But only at the Compuserve Action Games Forum, and with the following note in the txt:

You MAY NOT distribute this WAD file in any format. Available only on Compuserve for downloading.

I asked Ty a while ago (year or two) if he had a means of contacting Bob Evans, but apparently he has not been able to.

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I was afraid of that. Looks like we are stuck then unless someone happens to actually reach him. Thanks for the help.

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I've been trying to track down Bob Evans for years with no luck. Dale Cadman might live near him in Florida. Dale, if you see this and you want to, see if you can find him.


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Sorry for the bump.

Any luck with the search, by chance? I really need to thank that bastard for my lost 6 hours on ED Map30. :P

I'm interesting in seeing his other maps, too.

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