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the iron hitman

Texture changing Scripting?

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Hi all.

I have a zdoom (doom in hexen format) map in progress.
I currently have a certain script that looks like this:-

script 17 (void)
Floor_RaiseByValue(39, 64, 8);
Floor_RaiseByValue(40, 64, 8);
ChangeFloor (39, "GATE3");
ChangeFloor (40, "GATE3");
Thing_SpawnFacing(41, T_DEMON, 0);

Floor_LowerByValue(42, 64, 8);
Floor_LowerByValue(43, 64, 8);
ChangeFloor (42, "SFLR7_4");
ChangeFloor (43, "SFLR7_4");
Thing_SpawnFacing(44, T_DEMON, 0);

Floor_RaiseByValue(45, 64, 128);
Delay (240);
Floor_LowerByValue(45, 64, 128);

As you can see I know how to transform flats and ceilings. Just one problem... Is there any way I can do this with wall textures? (or patches or whatever you call them)

Note:- I am using zdoom 2.1.7, but if I need to it will use 3d floors for gzdoom (I am using 1.0.27 latest version) Oh and I'm using doombuilder 1.68 =)

Thanks in advance I would really appreciate any help on this matter =)

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The command you are looking for is called 'SetLineTexture'. An example:

        setlinetexture(1, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_MIDDLE, "SPAWN09");

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