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My Latest map: Rise Of The Scorned

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ROTS (Rise of the Scorned) is a DM map. Holds up 16 players at one time..This map was aimed for online multiplayer like Zdaemon or whatnot..I hope to make more in the future!

Go here for screenshots and download.

Comments and or complaints welcome.

Note I made this map with playablitly in mind more then looks..I figured since its a death match map people would be busy deathmatching rather than stopping to check out the scenery. But hey I could be wrong! That being said its not a completely bare map with mis alingined textures all over the place either.

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I was aming this to be played on Zdaemon or Odamex or whichever online multiplayer applacation you may use!

You still cant spil

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Stealthy Ivan said:

I like this old school style you have going on, good work! Also good choice of textures, very fitting to your map design.

Thanks..I modled this map after Brit11.wad a map I play alot on Zdaemon

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