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My doom tattoo

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Hi well this is my first post here but im a huge doom fan since playing when i was a kid. When i first saw the box art i was like "thats amazing". For my 18th i decided to get a tattoo done i wanted it to be somthing different from all the stars and shit most people seem to be getting nowadays so i decided to get the doomguy from the boxart tattooed onto me. Here it is what do you fellow doom fans think? [/URL]


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Coopersville said:

All Doom tattoos I've seen to date have been terrible, but yours is actually pretty good. Nice choice.

agreed on both points. how long did it take?

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I dont know to be honest :( . the guy said that the colours would fade slightly after the tattoo had healed though

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Now there's some serious dedication to Doom! Looks good, but I agree that it'd look even better with him surrounded by all the Barons.

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