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Vengeance Infinity Flash Movie (NON DOOM RELATED)

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After a week of working on this thing, it's finally finished. I made this in Flash MX. This is basically a Flash movie of my character, Lizardcommando, killing a bunch of cowardly school shooters. I was originally going to just leave the entire movie black and white, but I decided against it. The characters are in black in white, just most of the weapons have colors. I made this movie to express my feelings towards the cowards behind some of the more well known school shootings. Basically, it's my "Fuck you" to those cowardly fucks. There's a fairly straightforward and obvious message in this film too.

In case you're wondering, the last two retards that show up are Scott Peterson and the BTK Killer. They suck ass and they should just drop dead.


If this movie offends you, I apologize. Also, if you get that stupid bandwidth error, try the link again later.

For some crappy reason, the movie doesn't sync well with the music. It goes perfectly in the Macromedia Flash Player 6 that comes with Flash MX, but online, it lags a bit. Here's the Youtube link. Unfortunately, it's even choppier than the SWF version I have on my site...


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