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Multiplayer server tracker?

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I've noticed that starting from Quake I all the way down to the latest Quake Wars that there are server trackers for every single multiplayer game that are displayed on Internet browsers (ex.: http://www.gameaholic.com/servers/quake/ and http://www.gametracker.com/). Honestly, I think that if ZDaemon, Skulltag, and Odamex could accomplish this and promote it next to the rest of these games, there would be more people who would be aware of the Doom multiplayer community. Internet Doom Explorer is just the start of it and it's possible I've heard.

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There used to be CodeImp's Doom Connector, but he left it, if I'm not mistaken, precisely because it was a hassle to come to turns with the main C/S engine developers and their needs or positions.

Unlike in DOOM, in Quake the engines are all free software, leading to a different attitude in this respect. The DOOM developers get petty competitive and pull their engines in different directions and conceptions.

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Looks like there's a project just like Doom Connector which is - Player Connector that involves dedicated servers. However, I meant a program that displays server information other than just by the program itself. Player Connector has features like IDE with the exception of Player Connector having a whiteboard and an Internet browser attached to it.

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