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greenwar2 nears release date

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The long awaited and delayed Greenwar2 DM megawad will be in more polished form than its predecessor Greenwar which was critically acclaimed for its playability but perhaps criticized somewhat for its simple detail treatment and overuse of the browngrn texture. Fear not, Greenwar2 will be getting the proper treatment.

Team 32-in-24 has graciously agreed to detail the 32 maps which will be exclusively made by yours truly. And Shaikoten, the man in charge of the team tells me Essel, head of the detailing department, has recruited some high-profile detailers to help in the project. The team will be using their own texture set of some 200 very nice looking textures. He also tells me that this is an open project and anyone who thinks they have some detailing panache wanting in may claim a map. But hurry, maps will be grabbed up quickly! Look for some titillating screenies soon.

Please post comments or email me, Hellbent, with suggestions for what types of maps you would like to see in Greenwar2, as I have lots of different maps and am still in the process of choosing which ones will make mustard for final release.

Greenwar2 is slated for a Thanksgiving release, so you'll all have something other than cranberry sauce and stuffing to give thanks for.

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