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Shot-blocking walls?

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Is there any way to make an invisible wall that blocks shots, for a glass window? A two-sided linedef with 'Impassible' doesn't work, a one-sided linedef without texture works, but creates HOM, a one-sided linedef with an invisible texture works, but creates a black wall. It should be able to be done with the Doom II-compatibility.

Any help would be appreciated.

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see what info you can find on 'crystal' or 'self-referencing' sectors. you basically set both front and back sidedefs to the new sector value and it comes up as invisible. however it's not a precise art and you may run into trouble if you try to do anything else too close to one.

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Say your window is 32 floor and 96 ceiling. Put a thin sector in the middle of it(make it completely independent of the window) with 95 floor and 96 ceiling, then remove the lower textures. That's the traditional method.

More simply, make a two sided line through the middle of the window and uncheck the 2-Sided flag.

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Depends on what source your mapping for, for ZDoom based you do this-

-Linedef Flag "Block Everything"
(Which is on SkullTag, check if on ZDoom and Zdoom based.)

For Texture wise.. If on ZDoom still, go to a texture that can represent glass and go to the LineDef Action and head to Transparent line action, then set the number to 130-170 for seeing through that texture.

But if on your specifics... DoomII Compatibility is nothing i'm good with, just source port like actions, not normal.

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Andy Olivera said:

uncheck the 2-Sided flag.

That'll only block traces (hitscans and sights), not Things.

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