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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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So this game's been out for the past couple of months now and... anyone here play it? What do you think of it?

After playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for a LONG time, I thought this improved on many aspects that W:ET was lacking in. The game no longer forces the player to play all 5 classes in order to rank up, and instead you can focus on the 2-3 classes you prefer playing.
There's vehicles! Land, sea and air finally. As well as Turrets (though they are fully automated).
Engineers are no longer the ONLY class that is a necessity for the offensive team, because now Soldiers destroy objectives, Engineers must construct some objectives, and Covert Ops hack others.
There's other things as well...

Currently, as you can see with my avatar, I'm a First Lieutenant (which is rank 16 out of 39).

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Oh, Me! Me! I got that one!

Everything I liked about Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Battlefield 2142 rolled into one.

It's fun, but unfortunately it's competing with Team Fortress 2 right now, so there aren't as many active severs as there should be.

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I got ETQW. Great game, but when I ordered my new computer, I stopped playing it as I suddenly couldn't stand playing it on a computer that just meets the minimum specs for the game.

Great game.

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I played the demo a bit a while back and loved it. My computer could barely run it though, but it still looked nice. Id knows how to make games that scale very well.

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