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Reloading no longer works in my mod

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I was testing my mod out with the newest version of GZDoom (1.0.29) and for some lame reason, if I use the IDFA/IDKFA cheat to get all guns and stuff, I can't reload any of my guns. It won't work anymore unlike in previous versions of ZDoom and GZDoom. What the hell is going on? Someone please help me!

I didn't even change anything to it since last month. Can someone with extensive DECORATE knowledge please take a look at it?


Just to let you know, the guns work properly if you use the "Summon" console command (IE: summon magnum, etc). This is really weird...

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this seems to be a problem with the latest version of GZdoom. A bunch of my mods with realoading weapons have stopped working. it makes Zen Dynamics not work too. somebody should mention this on the Drdteam forums.

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