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[TCotD: Apocalypse] FAQ

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I have found that Tormentor667's recent wad is rather confusing, so I decided to start a thread to post any helpful gameplay information. Post only if you have something useful to submit. I am primarily looking for Locations of Keys, Ways to Solve Puzzles, and any secret areas i may have missed.

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Three objects you need to summon Thamuz are the Diamond, the Skull of Thamuz, and the Hourglass.

Hourglass is in the alternate-dimension, and the entrance to that is in the Circus (the big tent in the middle of that courtyard). The circus itself is located to the left (on the map, all my directions refer to the map) and is behind a gate requiring the Eye Key to unlock.

The Skull of Thamuz is in the Church, which requires the Fire Key to unlock. The tiled floor puzzle can be solved easily. When you enter the train station area, turn to the right and then hop over the ticket counter and go through the door. Up the stairs is a Door requiring the Spider Key to unlock. When inside there, notice the coloured tiles on the floor. Note down these tiles (ONLY the coloured tiles, and note where to get on - as indicated by an arrow - and where to get off - as indicated by another arrow).

The Diamond is in a Safe, which is in turn inside a house to the far left of the city once you enter (so lower-left). The Key to the Safe is in the Graveyard (on the most lower-left grave).

I'm not to sure what notes you must read first in order for things to appear, but in general, I started the map ALWAYS turning left, reading all the notes I could find, and I didn't get stuck.

I shall play this again later tonight and make notes on where each key is AND each note.

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OK. By taking notes AND looking for secrets AND reading through all the notes left in the level AND watching the whole end cut-scene, this level took me a little over an hour. By saving up all my Napalm bombs, Thamuz only got to attack once, and was felled in about 7 shots.

Now for the notes I took... yes some are VERY basic, but here they are none the less. I found 5 out of 7 secrets. There are 11 items (that appear in the upper right hand corner of the HUD.
Moon Shelters are located:
1. in the forest between the inn and the church,
2. in the underground area beyond the Hospital,
3. in the Circus area,
4. near the Summoning Circle in the center of town

1. Safe Key - on the lower-left grave in the Graveyard. This opens the Safe in the Safe House. The Safe House is in the lower-left corner of the City. It contains the Diamond.
2. Fire Key - behind the Hidden Door in the Laboratory. This opens the Church, which in turn contains the Skull of Thamuz.
3. Moon Key - is obtained after completing the weights puzzle, which is in the House that can ONLY be entered by jumping FROM the barn where the HellHounds were, TO the House across the street. This is needed to open all Moon Shelters and some locked areas. After acquiring this key and leaving the building, the Siren starts to wail.
4. Spider Key - This is located in the locked area in the House mentioned above. You need the Moon Key to get into this area. This opens the Library, and an area near the Train Station (allowing you to see the solution to the Church Puzzle).
5. Eye Key - The Underground area beyond the Hospital. This, too, needs the Moon Key to be unlocked. This key unlocks Brain Storage and the Circus. Inside the Circus, is the entrance to the Alternate-Reality. Inside the Alternate-Reality, is the Hourglass of Dimensions.
6. Skull Key - Library. This key opens the Morgue inside the Hospital.
7. Knife Key - Morgue. This area needs the Skull Key as mentioned above. The Knife Key opens the Inn (in the forest).

1. Pitchfork - Right at the very start.
2. 1st Pistol - Near the fireplace, in the forest.
3. 2nd Pistol - Inside the Church.
4. Other 2nd Pistol - Inside the Library.
5. Shotgun - Inside the Center Tomb in the Cemetary.
6. Pitchfork - Inside the Moon Shelter that is in the underground area beyond the Hospital.
7. Pitchfork - Brain Storage
8. Pitchfork - Secret Area inside Brain Storage.
9. Thompson - Circus.
10. Napalm Launcher - Guns Shop, which only opens AFTER visiting the Alternate-Reality.

1. Outside of Church (upper left corner) - Pistol Ammo.
2. Napalm Launcer Ammo - on Hospital Bed near the Doctor's Office.
3. Storage Area behind Library - Shotgun Ammo.
4. Near Wooden Barrier, which is near Train Station. On the right hand side of the street (facing West - remember, clockwise - North, East, South, West) - Pistol and Shotgun Ammo.
5. Brain Storage, jump onto some barrels and smash an Air Vent open. Leads to another Pitchfork, Shotgun and Napalm Launcher ammo, as well as Armour.
6. Not sure if it's a secret, but inside the Moon Shelter in the Circus, press the lower-right Barrel wall, and kill the Spiders. Can't remember which items were there as I didn't write it down.
7. Not sure if it's a secret, but the caged ammo-cache near the summoning circle opens AFTER visiting the alternate-reality.

1. Dock - Introduction Note.
2. Church - Tells you Church is locked.
3. Inn - Talks about Zombified Son.
4. Safe House - Plot advancement.
5. Safe House - Map of Cemetary showing location of Safe Key.
6. Bar and Grill - Says Safe House contains Diamond.
7. Storage Room near Summoning Circle - tells you Cult have made of with books.
8. Hospital Note - Doctor went to Library.
9. Doctor's Office in Hospital - Informs you of Hidden Door in Laboratory.
10. Laboratory Hidden Area - Talks about Skull hidden in Church.
11. Church Interior - Clue about how NOT to get killed.
12. House with Spider Key - talks about Moonshelters.
13. Underground area beyond Hospital, the locked Moon Key area - contains Summoning Book.
14. Brain Storage - Says go to the Inn for Translation Book.
15. Morgue in Hospital - Post-mortem of Inn Keeper Steven.
16. Inn - Translation Book, required to properly read Summoning Book.

The Church Puzzle by the way, is as follows. Follow the arrow that points towards the tiles, and walk up 4 tiles (each coloured square is a tile). Turn right and walk 1 tile forward. Turn left (facing upwards) and walk 4 tiles forward. Turn left again and walk 1 tile forward. Turn right and walk off to complete the puzzle.

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