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Help with XWE and textures.

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I am using XWE. I put PP_START marker
a bunch of .bmps
PP_END marker
FF_START marker
more .bmps 64x64
FF_END marker

I then highlight all the textures (patches) and add them to patches and textures

I then highlight all floors (flats) and click the floor button.

Exit and test.

Some of the textures don't work (get missing texture events)
some work fine.

All the flats seem to be garbled. They retain some of their color, but the pattern looks like it went through a blender.

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Clicking the buttons "Textures / "Patches" or "Floors" will only result in the display of all the files in those specific categories.

To add textures you must import them (you did that right). Then select them in the list and click on the right-mouse-button. Then select add to "Add to patch names" and "Add to textures".

For the flats:
You must FIRST click on the button called "Floors" and then import the bmps.

I hope that helps.

BTW: there is a special XWE section in the forums.

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For flat's. Once you've added them to your wad, did you remember to select each new flat individually and then select "save as flat" under the image menu?

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You don't need to do that if you click on "Floors" first. The files will automatically be saved as flats then.

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i think changing the FF_END marker to just plain old F_END should work... i remember reading that somewhere.

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