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Doomwadstation campaigning for the republicans

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Well the title should be dws campaigning for Ron Paul.
But I didn't know Ron Paul and I assume many of you do neither.
Ron Paul is one of the presidential candidates for the republicans.
The Tea Party 07 ad is part of his campaign.
Since I know at least one person here has a link to dws from his homepage, I just felt the need to inform all of you about this mangling of wads and politics.

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Wow, yeah instead of a sign of protest to a monarch's unfair non-represented tax by dumping tea, let's give some politician a bunch of money.

Yeah that'll show them! What a crock.

At least "Bob Larkin" will no longer be operating dws.

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The good thing is Mr. Larkin let go of the site, so now, without any excuses about expenditures due to it, he can finally start paying his taxes like a responsible citizen.

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I thought it'd be a cold day in hell before the American people voted in another Republican for president. Especially Ron Paul, who wants to destroy everything the past presidents have helped build,

Remember that DWS isn't a joint team effort like Doomworld is. It's run by one man, mostly.

(Sorry if this post doesn't make sense, sorry. I'm really,under the influences of fermented grains.)

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Kristian Ronge said:

Shirley Bassey owns.

True, though Nancy's Sinatra doing You Only Live Twice is probably my favorite Bond theme song.

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