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Moved here: Originally posted by NokturnuS

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Get some serious slowdowns when seeing swirl floors in this EE version. Also some weird HOMs on floor portals from certain angles.
These didn't happen in the previous engine.

Best Regards.

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Version 3.33.33 crashed for me on existence of swirling flats in loading map. Current version, 3.33.50, doesn't, and works correctly. I did see some complaints about HOMing portals. Still only for v3.33.33 (afaik)?

NokturnuS: what version are you using? If he's not actually here, then probably I should be asking SoM :) Update.

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Yay, this is an old thread.. anyway, i remember getting slowdowns with swirl flats. Don't remember the version, but was AFTER RC50. I check out when i'm at home (i'm at work now), but i'm totally sure it wasn't one of the "official" ones. Downloaded from raztk/eternity i think. Checking now and see a new version from 20-11. I check if with this build i still get slowdowns.

Cya later.

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