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issues with vista and doom builder.

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i just got a new computer and it has windows vista. the problem is, doom builder wont save a map properly. once i save it, the map can not be loaded again. also, everytime i get back on to doom builer i have to reset all of the settings with f5 like files, testing, editing, etc. and each time i close out of doom builer the program says "runtime error '75': Path/File access error". can anyone please tell me how to solve this (without getting rid of vista or the computer)

another problem i just encountered is, when i select an iwad for the game format like boom or something (doom builder forces me to do this every time) as soon as i click ok on the dialogue box for that iwad, the builder says error 9 subscript out of range then immediately closes.

ok, hopefully i got it working this time, havent had any of these errors after doing something. i dont know what i did but its starting to work now.

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i set that option already. i looked in the old thread that stated that. thanks for trying to help though

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