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Momento Mori 2 secret super secret levels

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Where are the two super super secret levels in Momento Mori 2? Not the regular two secret levels, i.e. maps 31 and 32, apparently there are two more that arent contained within mm2.wad but are somewhere else in the package.

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To play the two top-secret levels in Memento Mori II, you must have the megawad's infopack. Rename the MM2INFO.DAT file to MM2INFO.WAD, and load it after MM2.WAD. The two levels will replace MAP01 and MAP02 when loaded.

The first one sucks, though.

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Grab mm2info.

Rename mm2info.dat as mm2info.wad.

Add mm2info.wad to your command-line (e.g. glboom-plus mm2 mm2mus mm2info), or do whatever it is you normally do to load multiple wads. But note that mm2info.wad must be loaded after mm2.wad.

This replaces maps 01 and 02 with the new "supersecret" maps.

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