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Some slightly non-generic techbase map

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Hey look, it's Tango revamping another speedmap!


This map has been unfinished for a good chunk of 2007, but don't expect that to mean it's a big map. :P I've been getting a par time of 5 minutes whenever I test the map, which is slightly longer than t-stone and t-gyro.

I've deviated from the original speedmap (done in August 2006) in this one moreso than I did in t-gyro and t-stone, though the layout hasn't been expanded much; I've done some slight resizing and replaced a few rooms completely. This map is basically what I got when taking heavy influence from Erik Alm and Dutch Devil. I was hoping it wouldn't seem like too much of a rip-off of either of them, but shot 3 pretty much crushes that hope. :P

I've always wanted to see a decent map making use of the Morister Resources, and as such, I'm using the texture set for the revamped version.

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looks nice, nothing wrong with being influenced by another's style, through that you might develope your own style that is slightly meshed in between both their styles.

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Looking good, as usual! I still think the green lights outside look kind of weird, since there's no green light coming out of them, but that's just me. :p

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