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Animated textures

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ive had doombuilder on my comp for about a week and ive been reading the doombuilder guide, and i cant seem to find anything in it about animated textures, for example a switch like SW1MET2 or any other switch for that matter. i also tried a search on the forum here, but i couldnt really find anything.

so my question is, how would i be able to get my switch texture to animate, or switch to the other position it would be in after i activate it?

thanks alot

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Usually, the sw1* testure is the OFF texture and sw2* is the on texture. They will ( should ) animate automatically. Experiment ... Of course, give the activating line an action, and tag both the line an the sector you want the action\type to work. Use DB to inspect other wads and see how others have done it.

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Doom Builder can't create new animated textures or switches itself.

The port that your wad will be for controls that. Each port also has it's own way of defining new texture animations and/or switches.

Though, if you don't wish to edit for a port, there are various "hacks" you can do with the existing ones, such as bolting your new textures onto the edge of an existing animated texture or switch and offsetting the texture to the required amount in a map editor. Or you could just completely replace the graphics for one your not going to use.

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