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ZDoom Help

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okay I made a topic asking what ZDoom was and someone gave me a download link. I downloaded and installed it but i cant run it. Its saying it cant find the IWAD server and I need to make it in the same destination as ZDoom. Does this mean I simply copy the file and put it in the ZDoom Folder or what? Help please.

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Its as simple as that. Copy your any or all of your iwads (Can be doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad... you get the idea) into the folder you placed zdoom in, and launch zdoom. Simple :D

Note: It dosn't do any harm to have more then one iwad in your zdoom folder. It will ask which one you wish to use when you load zdoom.

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Thats odd. Why would zdoom go slow on someones pc? It hardly needs anything to run (Even a 133Mhz could run it). Maybe you have spyware on your pc.

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exp(x) said:

Maybe he's playing nuts.wad at 1600x1200.

Heh. I think nuts.wad at any resolution will kill your PC.

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