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wad ideas (brainstorming)

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one idea is to read Dante's Inferno and then make a wad of nine circles of hell. Could be fun.

Another is to make a wad shaped like a horseshoe and to have it be a tech base like an e1 map and to have it be simple layout but the inner wall of the horseshoe has a slit in it going the entire length of it at the floor level (so the entire length of the level on one side) essentially a very long window--and outside the horseshoe is an outdoor area like the ones in e1 maps, but its floor is much lower than the floor inside the map, so that a cyberdemon walking around outside can sweep the floor with his rockets (and you can't do anything back to him) and so he has access to you throughout the level for the most part--there would be some crates to hide behind and some brief walls in between-but basically the whole level would be this narrow horseshoe--and you'd have to be killing monsters inside the level in addition to worrying about being made into hamburger helper by the Cyberdemon. At some point you'd finally get to face the cyberdemon-at which you'd be so infuriated by all the trouble he was causing that you would quickly and satisfyingly make minced vapor whatever it is that happens to him when he finally dies.

Another idea is to make fun use of silent teleport linedefs. It's a maze like map. You start out in a little garden outside and then enter into the fortress-which is just a hall. The hall comes to a crossway--another hall intersecting. And you go right and you see at the end of the medium length hall (say 640 units) there is an outdoor area that looks inviting. So you walk toward it but about 192 before reaching the outdoor area it suddenly disappears and the hall continues (you've teleported somehwere else in the map. You keep walking but it's a dead end with no hidden/secret doors. So you turn around and walk back but it's not straight back like you came, it jogs left and right and then straightens out until you come to a T--if you go right, it takes you back to the original garden you started at--if you go left, it's new territory. Now at this point the map becomes like the end of map 24 I believe of Doom 2. The one with all the wood and the series of switches you have to hit in order to open the exit area at the end of the level. So you have to find switches in this maze that keeps turning you around without you knowing it--and these switches would be opening up new areas in the maze--until eventually you see that areas you've been to (they could be identified by things like pools of blood on the ground etc) because otherwise all the textures are the same for a seamlessly repeating maze and seamless transporting of player to new or old parts. If done carefully-this could be a real fun puzzle/map. not sure I have the skills, time or patience to do it, but would be cool if someone else did it. Basically the goal would be to get outside into the second garden you saw at the beginning of the level (not the one you started in obviously) but it would be awhile and not until you see some cool stuff first and open up bizzare and interesting rooms and areas along the way. You'd probably enter the garden from an entirely different part of the maze. The Queen of Hearts might make an appearance, or the mad hatter.

So yeah, there are some SP wad ideas.

Edit: fun idea... so at one point in the map, you could go up a staircase that curves up to the right--get to the top and the hallway straightens out-- you take just a few steps and you've been teleported (you have no idea of course) but if you were to turn around after just a few feet forward, the staircase would be winding up to the right where you had just come up! instead of winding down to the left like it "should" Yeah, lots of possibilities. Maybe new Doomworld wad project! That would be an awesome community wad thingy. I remember the 10 sector one many an aeon ago. It's time for DW to make a new one. :)

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Those are creative ideas. The game engine seems to prevent the first from working well. The point of it seems to be to allow him to damage you but you can't damage him, and possibly have rockets seem random since you can't see him. A cyberdemon's rockets fire between 32 and 48 height (while he's standing on a floor that is height 0). I just tried and if you put a small 16-high gap on the bottom perimeter floor allowing only space for his rockets (with the cyber on the other side of the gap), the cyberdemon won't even shoot you because it has to 'see' you to shoot, but he's mostly hidden behind a wall so won't. Also if you have a chaingun you can fire into the smallest space like a gap without wasting ammo. If this horizontal gap also has lots of verticle slits I guess he'd see you and fire. But then you could now shoot through the slits.
Something that should work that is has the same basic gameplay is have no gap but put the cyber in the inner horseshoe that is completely dark and thus you can't see/predict where/when the rockets are coming. Then maybe limit player ammo to be able to kill him until you reach the end of the horseshoe. Or maybe put his distance too far away to kill without massive ammo waste.

Whoa, the silent teleport thing is cool and now gives me ideas; that's the first time I tried it. There is no indication that you warped at all- you just keep on walking as you were, only now in a new area. So if the new area looks identical to the old area the player could be tricked into thinking they didn't warp anywhere. However if the first place had an indicator like bullet holes in the wall or a corpse and then suddenly the holes/corpse, disappeared it would be obvious you warped. You could treat it like frames in an animation and constantly warp the player into a series of slightly mutated rooms, making it appear like one single rooom is mutating.

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