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recording demo's in Doom and boom compability mode

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It can play them so it's knows the format anyway.
I guess the answer is no (because I looked inside the eternity lmp format and couldn't find it in the the documentation).
What I want was making demo's prboom/doom/choc could play.

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No, it cannot at present do this. I vaguely recall Quasar saying at various points in this past that this was something that might be added.

Some years ago, schepe/Anders made a hacked version that could record vanilla demos (well, as far as the demo compatibility at that time allowed), which certainly shows that it can (or could) be done.

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I noticed that the link from this now defunct homepage still works.
And so does the other link.

While trying to run it, I noticed that
the eternity page at sourceforge pointed at doomworld.com
The oldest version that I could download was Eternity Engine v3.31.10.
Which edf files are incompatible with v3.31.5.
So you can't use that exe unless you have an old copy of eternity.

Quasar I know you have different priorities now but is this something that might come in future versions of eternity?

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