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Special sectors effect

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In some maps I've seen that a door open only when you've kill all the monsters in that sector. How can i make this effect?

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Most often it is ThingCount which is used in an Action Script, i.e.:

This script waits for all the Barons with tag 10 to be defeated. Once they are, it lowers a sector tagged 15 to the lowest nearby floor.

script 1 OPEN
	While(ThingCount(T_BARON, 10) > 0)
	Floor_LowerToLowest(15, 20);

if you want something to happen when only a certain monster is fragged, then attach the action special to that monster directly.

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That link send my on a page where is written "There is currently no text in this page". I want to make this effect on doombuilder.

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Plus some more links, which may come in handy:

ThingCount (type, tid)

Door_Open (tag, speed, lighttag)'s_tutorials

If you are looking for something in particular, there may be already a webpage for it. From the WIKI main page select INDEX.

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