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Texas Libra

Weird-ass problem launching ZDoom

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OK, whether or not I'm using the ZDL launcher every time I try to launch an IWAD other than Doom 2 or Hexen, it always loads Doom 2, and forget about PWADs. I thought it was an issue with the ZDL launcher, but after trying to load the game in the command line without specifying an IWAD, ALL of the Doom IWADS were labeled as Doom 2. I'm not kidding! In the screen to select the IWAD it displayed:

DOOM 2: Hell On Earth (doom2.wad)
DOOM 2: Plutonia Experiment (plutonia.wad)
DOOM 2: TNT - Evilution
DOOM 2: Hell On Earth (doom.wad) <------this is the strangest one
Hexen: Beyond Heretic

Am I missing something here?

EDIT: Something freakier just now happened...I tried launching it using the command line again and choosing doom.wad from the above list, and then it started playing Perdition's Gate in Doom 2, yet I ever used the "-file" command line parameter.

Is my computer possessed?

EDIT 2: OK...all but Ultimate Doom are working fine now...still doing that weird-ass thing I described above, and I don't even Perdition's Gate in that directory anymore.


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Have you got all your WADs, whose contents each begins with 'IWAD', right? Where's the Perdition Gate file in your Doom dir?

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It looks like your doom.wad isn't really doom.wad. ZDoom identifies the game by content, not by name so if doom.wad contains Doom2 data it gets listed as such.

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As far as I know it's Doom.wad since I copied it directly from my Doom Collector's Edition CD. And I was keeping PG in the exact same directory as my IWADs (c:\doom).

EDIT: AHA! Problem fixed...it was as you suspected Graf Zahl. Thanks!

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