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Mancubus sketch revisited

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Looks like an evil demon, very expressive, tho some might say it's like a relative of the Archvile, Imp.

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This Mancubus was a brainstorm for what I should do with the Mancubus sculpture's face that I was working on. On the actual figure I was making, I scraped the bird like nose holes in favour of something more ape like. The idea was to see how a Mancubus from d3 would look if they made the lower face closer to the D2 counter part. Of course I'm not Ken Scott so I used my own imagination. But it looks to me like the Mancubus from D3 does have 2 nose holes on the side. Like how birds have on their beak. I thought that worked better on the D3 mancubi's original design.

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This is really cool, different in the fact that the manc doesent have as many rolls in its face but it looks cool. I like it.

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