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Omega Rugal '95 + Couch Mouse

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Omega Rugal '95 mini action figure (from the SNK fighting game The King of Fighters 1995) that I finished yesterday. This will probably be my entry for a SNK character art contest that’s going on over at another MB I belong to, but I'll hold off on submiting it for now, in case I decide to make something else before deadline rolls around.

Mid-construction photos:

For comparison purposes, below are several images of Omega Rugal from two different versions of The King of Fighters '95 video game. The first three are from the arcade original and the final two are from the (Super Game Boy enhanced) "Nettou" Game Boy port (I recolored the final image depicting him throwing a Kaiser Wave).

Webpage with more info (dimensions, materials used, background story, trivia, etc):


Couch Mouse. This isn't a "serious" figure, just something I threw together while spending some time with two of my nieces the day after Thanksgiving. One of them was making what she described as a "Mouse House" out of colored paper when my other niece, and myself, decided to join in on the action. I limited myself to only using materials and tools readily available in the dining room where we were working. When I had finished, the niece who started things criticized me, and rightly so, because I had only made a couch, and not a whole house, for my mouse.

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