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Script error, "DECORATE" line 4:

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"Actor ImpClaw is already defined"

Zdoom itself runs fine, but whenever I try to test a map using Doom Builder, it gives me the above error.

And no, that actor, as far as I'm aware, is not defined anywhere else within the WAD or anywhere for that matter.

I can place a "2" or any other random number/letter at the end of the ACTOR name and it works fine, but then the next actor in DECORATE (line 33, superimpclaw) gives me the same error.

I've been using the weapons in the Weapons Resource WAD (merged with my own ZDoom WAD) for a month or so now. At first it wouldnt work, then for some weird reason it started working on it's own, now it's not again. It's starting to get annoying.


EDIT: I think I figured it out, or at the very least it's working again.
The IWAD you choose in the configuration settings cant have the same DECORATE actors as the WAD you're testing.... I think....

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I think that the problem was in Tools/Configuration
In the testing tab, try deleting all weird parameters(such as %F, +map, %L) and the problem should be fixed...

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