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scripting doom2 in XWE

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ok, I use both DB for level editing and XWE for sound/sprite. I understand the concept of scripting and the language, and compiling using ACC. I can have an object .o with no problems. In my case, I just want to test how to introduce a script in a map. It seems I can't link the script to my map..

Here is the simple script:
#include "zcommon.acs"

Script 1 ENTER

I saw many thread saying "use XWE, create a new entry, and put your script". Well, I think it misses some informations.. I am not used to putting a script in a wad.. so I need to be taken by the hand a bit... my list of questions (using XWE):

1) Where in the list I need to create the new entry? I though I needed to create the entry after the MAP01, maybe I need markers like A_START and A_END (or other?) or do I just put the entry randomly in the wad?
subquestion-1) do I need to put the entry between markers (if so, what markers? and I assume the markers need to be after MAP01)

2) what is the name of the entry? is it SCRIPTS? is it BEHAVIOR? or is it what I want it to be..?

3) what is the type of the entry (if the name is SCRIPTS, XWE puts a type "ACSSCRIPTS"

4) do I "replace" the entry with the .o file? what do I need to do with the new entry? some people suggest writting the script in text mode (on the right panel in XWE, when highlighting the SCRIPTS entry) then click on compile in the menu.. well I tried this, and while there is no error on compiling, when trying the game, the script seems do not work...

5) do I need to specify in the script that it is for MAP01 or something, if so how?

I want the script to work on a specific map (on MAP01 in my test).


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